What do you run for?

I get asked this question a lot? Why do I run? I was even asked this question as to why did I bother running a marathon.  The heated debate angers me.

I run for lots of things.  One, my health. I have lots of health issues in my family.  Two, my sanity. Ever heard that expression “running is cheaper than therapy” but sometimes I wonder after race fees, running gadgets.  Is it really cheaper? My mind needs the de-stress from the day. Sometimes the only way for me to unwind is to go for a run. My third and last reason is a role model to my 7 year old daughter. She honestly hates running but she loves watching me run and being there at races to watch me cross the finish line. I hope that as she grows up she will see running is great and wonderful experience.

So I leave the open debate.  What do you run for?