Running Terms

I know when I started running I didn’t know much terms related to running. I learned as I went.  I will update more as I learn.

5k– 3.1 miles a very popular distance with those just starting out

10k– 6.2 miles a great goal if you’re ready to move up in mileage.

BodyGlide– The greatest invention to those who have chaffing issues while running. (I use my bodyglide on my ankles and heels. I get serious blisters when running it helps me)

BQ– Boston Qualify. The Boston Marathon has very strict rules about running their race. Qualify time vary from age group and gender. You can find BQ times.

Compression Sock– A knee high tight sock. Designed to help blood flow to muscles and reducing swelling. Great for during and after runs. Especially long-distance runs.

DNF– A term people use during a race that they “DID NOT FINISH”. (I hope to never have to say this ever)

GU– A gel form. Used a lot for people who run long distances. Helps replace carbohydrates lost during your run. It is recommended to take every 45 minutes during your run. It’s not for everyone. A lot of people have texture issues with GU. But others swear by it.

Fartlek– A type of speed workout where you incorporate short burst of speeds into your running.

Foam Roller– A cylinder of hard foam in a roll form that’s used to massage muscle after a run. (I hear it hurts, but feels so good. I haven’t foam rolled but I may look into it)

Fuel Belt– A belt that is around your waist with bottles attached for hydration of your choice. They also have pockets where you can add your nutrition of choice either GU or gummie bears. (I prefer gummie bears) I like to use my fuel belt for anything over 6 miles.

Half Marathon– 13.1 miles another very popular racing distance among runners. (My favorite distance)

Ice Baths– Serious runners swear by ice baths after serious long runs. You soak your legs in a ice bath for 15-20 minutes. It helps speed up recovery.

Interval Run– When you go from hard running to softer jog, walk or even stopping and then repeating.

KT Tape– It’s a tape that runners love to use to help support those issues most runners suffer from running You can check out KT Tape.

Long Run– Usually done once a week. Most people who are training for those long-distance races will do this.

Marathon– 26.2 glorious miles. A lot of stinking miles.

Recovery Runs– A slow easy pace run after a big race. (I love recovery runs)

Rungry– Where you’re seriously on an eating binge after a long run. (I suffer from this, I’m hungry all day long)

Taper– When a runner decreases their mileage in order to rest their legs and avoid injury for an upcoming race.

Tempo Run– Running at moderate intensity for a short distance. You warm up run about 20-30 minutes at a moderately intense pace and then cool down.

Training– Runners who are training for any kind of distance race.

Ultra– Miles beyond the marathon distance. There are 50k’s and 100 milers (god bless the people who do over that)