Running Journey

I guess I can start off by saying I was a lazy person. I was never into healthy eating or activity. I adored my couch especially after I had my daughter in February 2007. I fell in love with running in 2010, when my sister-in-law came up with the idea of a girl’s weekend and doing the Royal Family 5k at Disney in Feb 2011. I thought I haven’t run since middle school when I was on the track and cross country team. How am I going to run a 5k, then I went on by saying “What in the heck is a 5k and how many miles does that consist of?” I did my research and started C25K (Yes I’m officially a graduate). I went running a test 5k in November 2010. I was near exhaustion by 2 miles. I thought no way am I gonna be able to do this. I pushed along and finished. FINALLY. I went on to run the Royal Family 5k at Disney and I think from then on is when I truly fell in love with running. I ran the entire 5k and I was so proud of myself. I went running a few more 5k’s that year and then signed up for a 10k. I was surprised I placed 2nd in my age group. I was not expecting anything like that. Then I became a competitive nerd. I ran harder and burned out quickly.

In December 2012 I signed up for my 1st half marathon. I had a very hard time hitting that submits button. Did I really just do that? Yep, I ran my first half marathon in March 2013. I finished with a smile on my face. I <3 RUNNING! I ran 2 more half marathons after my 1st one. Then I took the BIG leap and signed up for a marathon (YEAH A FRICKIN MARATHON). Which marathon did I choose? Walt Disney World Marathon 2014. I trained so hard until I needed surgery in November 2013. My training slowed so much since I was recovering and couldn’t run. I seriously thought I may have to cancel my marathon plans. HELL FRICKIN NO I made it this far I’m going to run it. So I did under trained but I finished standing in an upright position with tears in my eyes and a “HELL NO I’M NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN”. But plan to run another marathon soon I do enjoy the 13.1-mile distance. I’m half and full-on crazy. I also would love to run a 50k YEAH! 31 miles doesn’t seem too bad right? How about 50 miles?? Yeah, that’s on my list too. I want the “ULTRA MARATHONER” next to my name :))

 I know I’ve rambled on it’s a little inside on my running history.