Ran a 4th of July 5k with a bangin’ PR.

For the last few years I’ve always ran the 4th of July 5k race in town. I was excited to run another race this year. My last race was the Enchanted 10k during Princess Half Marathon weekend which was in February and I was dying to run another race. It’s only my 4th race for the year sadly. 

The night before, I got my outfit out and ready. I love dressing up for a race. Especially for the 4th of July. I wore my Moms Run This Town tank and a handmade red sparkle skirt. Here is my flat momma.

I woke up super nervous because I had intentions of smashing my personal best time for this 5k. I had my husband and daughter out there supporting me. I love having them there watching me do something I love.

Waiting at the starting line, I just said to hell with it. I’m not going to bother PRing this race. I was just not feeling it. The gun went off and I set off slow. Actually slow is an understatement. I set my watch to give me my average pace which was reading around 8’19”, say whaaaat? Yeah mile one was a 8’19”. I couldn’t believe it. I usually run a high 9 mid 10 for pace. I thought haha this watch is not right. Mile 2 came along 8’30″? I started laughing again. This watch is surely not right.  

I was coming toward the finish line. I started getting nauseous and thought I was going to blow chunks. But I yelled at myself to suck it up buttercup, if this watch is right your going to finish this race with a new PR. When I could finally read the clock in the distance, I did a “oh shit you’re not going to PR” which I had given up remember? I must need glasses because as I got closer it said 26:30 on the clock. I ran as fast as I could. I just missed finishing the race under 26 minutes. I grabbed a bottle of water from a nice lady who was handing them out and went to the sidelines to blow chunks and cry. I never did throw up. I was over powered by runners high emotions. I couldn’t believe I finished a 5k in 27 minutes. My overall pace was a 8’55”. 

Here is last years PR same race

This years PR same race

I came in 10th place in my age division out of 32 females. I think that’s pretty stinkin’ good. I can’t believe the difference in just 1 year. I’m still on a runners high. My husband couldn’t have been more proudly braggin’ for me. 

I hope everyone had a great FORTH OF JULY! I know I did.