Looking back 1 Year later

It’s hard to believe that I ran my first marathon 1 year ago. I still can’t believe I even ran a marathon. I figured in light of my 1-year marathon adversary I will reflect on what running a marathon had me feeling 1 year ago and how I feel 1 year later.


I will say I was super nervous about this race and felt I wasn’t at the training I wanted to be at due to missing almost 2 months of training because I was healing from surgery and wasn’t cleared to run. I almost deferred from the race but I couldn’t do it with all the training I put in. So I ran the race with all I had in me. But I will be honest when I hit mile 26 I said mark my words “I WILL NEVER EVER DO THIS AGAIN! EVER!”. I was emotionally and physically exhausted. Seeing my support team waiting for me at the finish line I completely lost it. I cried like a little baby. My brain was screaming at me, my legs were screaming at me and I kept saying “THAT’S IT I WILL NEVER HAVE TO TRAIN FOR A MARATHON AGAIN IT’S FINALLY OVER, NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN!”. It made me hate running and I never wanted to lace up my running shoes again.

But when I look at this picture and think how happy I look and how thrilled I look holding that piece of medal in my hands after finishing a marathon. How could I let one race ruin my love for running.


So what are my thought’s on running another marathon 1 year later? I’m ready to run another one. A month after my marathon I got out of that rut and did signed up for another marathon which I was suppose to run this year on February 1st but in October I made the decision to back down to the half marathon status. I didn’t think I was ready and kept thinking about the course I just couldn’t deal with another bad experience. My plan is to sign up for the Space Coast Marathon which I will run in November. I do have a friend who is also willing to run the marathon also so I will have someone to train with. I’m not looking to run it fast. My plan is to try the Jeff Galloway run/walk ratio again and just have fun running. I’m looking forward to trying a marathon again and I hope to come with terms that not every race is a good one especially if it’s a marathon and I also may just go Goofy in 2016 with the Goofy Challenge at Disney World.