July Goals

It’s crazy to see another month has come and gone. June was pretty busy for me with running and had a nice relaxing 3 day vacation to Orlando felt like a great way to end the month. My June goals didn’t go as planned. Seems to happen every month. 
Complete the #June100mile challenge-  I actually completed this on June 26. With still some time left in the month to spare. It took a lot of dedication, hot sweaty long runs but I did it!Eat cleaner- I pretty much ate pretty well until I went on vacation and my diet just went bye bye. Going away for me is hard to stay committed to a certain eating routine.Try the 21 day sugar detox- This is a BIG FAT failure. I still snuck on those addicting twizzlers. :/Cross train in between days off from running- I did okay with this, but not what I hoped.Be outdoors more- I think this went pretty well. My daughter and I went to the beach, went for walks. Read books on the back porch.Hit the gym more- I actually went more than 3 times this month.  Still not enough and I planned on but I got there. Take my vitamins- This goal lasted of all of 4 days and I started to forget.  I used to take them religiously.  Time to get back on the vitamin wagon.Read food labels more carefully- I did pretty well with this one. Tried to stay clear of high fructose corn syrup and other crazy ingredients. June’s goals went a little better than May’s goals. I sure hope I can do a lot better with July’s goals.

– Run at least 70 miles for the month

-Stretch more before/after runs (I slack at this so bad)

-Go the entire month without sugar

-Try more HIIT workouts

-Continue to watch my diet, make healthier choices.

-Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins

-Blog more often

Okay so here it is, another month lets make these goals happen.