I’m so excited to announce that I’ve officially signed myself up to be matched with someone who has special needs and is not likely able to do the everyday activities we take advantage of in our everyday lives. There is a very long waiting list. I was told I could be waiting for at least 15+ weeks. But worth the wait. 

 So I’m sure you’re asking what is I Run 4? IR4 is a nonprofit organization. Basically what you do first is sign up. You must follow the steps. Adding their facebook page and facebook group. While you wait you’re encouraged to dedicate your runs to those waiting to be matched and to your future buddy in the facebook group. I enjoy reading everyones posts to their buddies and buddies posting to their runners. This group is so motivating. It makes me that much more excited to be matched in the upcoming months. 

When you are matched with your buddy again you are encouraged to friend the parents and tag them to your workout/running post and share stories. They also ask that you make a shirt, a sign and send your race medals or race swag to make your buddy feel as though they ran it to. I get all teary eyed thinking about it. I can’t wait to meet my future match where ever you maybe I run for you buddy everyday. 

Wanna learn more about IR4? Here is their website

Have you signed up for IR4? Or have you already been matched?