Getting back on track. Week 2 complete.

I can’t believe I’m already 2 weeks into this workout plan. If you want to read more about the workout plan I’m doing. I have started to notice that I feel a bit stronger and my running has improved slightly. I have been eating pretty healthy. I also did a measurement of my waist before I started the plan and I’ve already lost an inch and half around my waist. So phase 1 of this workout plan is officially completed. I get to move onto phase 2 which is a little tougher and doesn’t have me running as much. I don’t know how I will deal with this but I will try to sneak some kind of run in. I have to start marathon training sometime in September.

While doing this plan. I have found some great meals and different snacks to make that are clean and better for you. I made this awesome cucumber salad. I will post a recipe in a future post. Pinterest has become my new best friend for clean recipes.