Getting back on track. Week 1 complete

I’m so sorry I have been seriously slacking these past few weeks on keeping up to date with my blog. I’ve been very busy changing my lifestyle around for the better as I mentioned in a previous post Day 1: To a Stronger Me, that I was tired of slacking on my working out and running and was ready for a change. I want to be at my strongest and healthiest come marathon day Which is February 1, 2015. I have a lot of work to go before then so I figured this was a great time to go a head and get stated. I’m part of this awesome  supportive group for mothers who run Moms Run This Town. 

Pam the creator of Moms Run This Town posted a photo on her Facebook and I was just in awe over her 12 week transformation. I couldn’t believe it. How did she do it? Where can I find this program? She posted the link. It so happens the wonderful ladies Tiffany and Whitney over at have created a workout plan geared towards runners who still want to run but also build strength at the same time. I thought this couldn’t have come at a better time. Pam the creator of Moms Run This Town has also joined in on them with this workout plan. 

I went with the “at home” plan. I canceled my gym membership and bought stuff to use at home. I find myself more confident at home and less distracted. The first thing I needed to do was CLEAN up my diet, my biggest struggle. I cut out a lot of junk, that didn’t need to be in my diet. I had my husband take before photos, gosh they are never pretty are they? I went a head and started this workout plan and finished up week 1 on August 6th and I will say with only a week in I can see results, my usual shorts that were once snug are slightly loose. I feel more alert and less sluggish as I did before. 

I hope at the end of the 12 weeks I will have an amazing transformation photo to share. I will continue with the end of the week updates until then.