Friday Featured Runner (series 15)

Today’s Friday Featured Runner is Kristin over at Tink’s Fast Feet.

Kristin’s Running Journey

My journey started about 4 years ago.  I just wanted to get into shape & I thought why not I will start running.  I started slow & then over did it & hurt my knee.  Six months later I was back at & training slowly.  After training for about 6 six months I finished my 1st 5k in 36 minutes.

-What made you decide to be a runner? I know what really made me decided to become a runner, I do know one day I just thought “Hey I think I will start running!” My sister (who is also a SPA) & my dad are both runners, they have both been influences on my running. Also, I know running is very good for your health & makes you feel better about yourself.

-What is the longest distance you’ve ran? I have only done 5k races but I ran a 5 mile leg of a marathon.  That was a lot of work to get ready for that!!

-What is your favorite post run fuel?
Water & lots of it or Gatorade!

-What song is currently being played on your playlist when you run? Ok this may sound odd but Work B**tch by Britany Spears or Happy are my 2 favorite songs to listen to while I run.  Also, the Black Eyed Peas are good too!!

-What would you tell an individual who has just started their journey into running? I would tell someone who just started running start slow & don’t overdo it.  Enjoy yourself & have fun!