Friday Featured Runner (series 13)

This Friday’s Featured Runner is Polly over at Polly Defies Gravity

Polly’s Running Journey

I was at my heaviest state (56 kg – December 2010) and had health-related issues. My friend suggested to try running and since then I got addicted to it. My very first was last 2011, it was a sweet 5k run. I noticed that I lose a lot of weight after only 6 months and aside from that, I get this euphoric feeling from endorphins hitting my brain or whatever bodily processes that create that ‘runner’s high’. My day just isn’t complete without a good 5k-8k distance. June 2014, I finished my last half-marathon with a PR of 2 hrs and 19 min. This is my best so far. 

-What made you decide to be a runner? 

I had weight issues and my friend suggested to try running (because dieting isn’t just enough). I noticed that I became less sickly and I did in fact, lose a lot of weight. Emotionally, I feel stronger and more confident, as though I could take on anything the world wants to throw at me. I also found myself a community of friends who showed me that running can bring out the best in myself. 

-What is the longest distance you’ve ran? 25 km (November 2013)

-What is your favorite post run fuel? 1-2 (or more) cups of brown rice + grilled pork belly. Yup, I eat like a pirate. Hahaha!

-What song is currently being played on your playlist when you run? I have a weird selection of songs from ACDC to System of a Down. I like fast/upbeat songs when running on a track oval.

-What would you tell an individual who has just started their journey into running? ENDURANCE! Focus on distance rather than time. For now, do not worry about your pace instead build mileage gradually.