Are you doing the right strength training for running? (Guest Blog)

Hi there, My name is Tanya and I blog over at Run Turtle Run I want to thank Erin for allowing me to be a guest on her blog today while she is on vacation. I came across this article on Runner’s World detailing the right kind of strength training to do for runners.

Reading this made me think about my OWN strength training regimen (believe it or not, I actually have one…much to my own surprise).  I thought I’d compare what they suggest to what I’m actually doing 4-5 days a week with weight.

Here’s how my routine compares to their 10 essential exercises:

1.  RW: Planks.  Me:  Planks.

All right- I have this one down.  I’m not good at holding one for more than a minute, but I can feel my core work harder when doing planks than when doing any other ab exercise.

2.  RW:  Lower body Russian Twists.  Me: who what what??

Yeah, I don’t do these, but I think I need to incorporate them.  I do yoga so we do some twisting, but this would also be a great core workout.

3.  RW: Scorpion   Me:  Mountain climbers

Not exactly the same, but I really hate mountain climbers, so maybe I’ll start adding some scorpions in.  They look tough.  Which is why I probably need them.

4.  RW: Back extensions   Me:  Supermans

Same exercise, just different placement.  They use a stability ball, I just do them on the floor.  Score me for doing another one they suggest.

5.  RW:  Kettlebell squats with overhead press  Me: same, but not together

I actually do squats (I LOVE them) and overhead presses, but have not done them together.  I can kill two birds with one stone adding them in as buddies.  Nice!

6.  RW: Overhead lunge   Me:  Reverse lunges

I can’t do forward lunges.  They kill my knees.  Not that they hurt, but they make my knees go all crunchy like biting into a spoonful of Rice Krispy cereal and I cannot STAND the noise, so I do reverse lunges.  I can totally add in the weight, tho.

7.  RW: Stability ball jackknife   Me:  nope

Any motion like that on the stability ball (pulling forward with my shins) causes great discomfort in the back of my knees so I will pass on this one.

8. RW:  Stability ball hip extension   Me:  negatory

Same excuse as above. :)

9. RW:  Rotational shoulder press   Me: regular boring forward shoulder press

I like the rotation they put on this to engage the core as well.  I will have to start doing these.

10. RW: Alternating dumbbell row   Me: double arm dumbbell row

I had no idea that doing them both at the same time was the sissy way out.  They say that doing one at a time makes you have to stabilize more, so now I will start doing them the more difficult way.
I found it interesting to compare what they suggest to what I’m already doing.  Looks like I’m doing some things right, and some things I can definitely improve upon.

My only real beef with the model doing the exercises is that she has no definition.  Show some muscle, man.  :)

Peace and Running! :)

Tanya Run Turtle Run