7 Reasons to start running

Want to take up running as a hobby and not sure it’s for you? Here are 7 reasons you should start running.

  • Make new friends. (I’ve met so many people along my running journey and have joined some running clubs)
  • Being with mother nature. Nothing is more rewarding then running outside and enjoying the scenery along the way.
  • Improve your over all self-esteem
  • Get an energy boost. I noticed after running I am full of energy to start my day.
  • Sleep better.
  • Stress reliever (big one right here, running lets your mind stop thinking of all that stress and focus on your run, you’ll be surprised after your run that your stress is gone)
  • Increase stamina

Research shows running for an hour a week reduces the risk of heart disease. Runners who do intervals have more fun running. Just one running session can increase overall energy and reduce fatigue. Regular exercise might remodel the brain making it calmer and stress resistant.

Happy Running