6 years ago to a year ago

The date March 23rd has a good thing attached to it and another it has sadness attached to it. The good part is I ran my 1st half marathon 1 year ago today with one of my closest friends by my side. The sad part about this date is my Nana passed away Easter Sunday 6 years ago on March 23, 2008.

This date was always hard for me to deal with before last year. Once I ran that half marathon I know she was there with me the entire time. I now look at March 23rd as a date of accomplishment rather then dwell over my sadness over my grandmother’s passing. I know she would want me to finally be happy rather then sad.

10 months after running my 1st half marathon I went on to run my 1st marathon. It’s amazing how far a person can come with just one race just 1 year ago. I know my Nana would be so proud of me.