2014: My Year of Running


Another year has come and gone. I have done about 10 races this year. It’s been quite a year for me. I ran my first marathon and ran a few half marathon’s and a few 5k’s. So let’s take a few minutes and give you my awards for the races I’ve done this year.

 Most Scenic Course- The most scenic course was when I ran the Walt Disney Marathon on January 12th. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy running through all the Disney parks and get to see a lot of back lots of Disney World?

Most Challenging Course- Most challenging course I would have to say was when I ran the  Beachside Half Marathon. I have ran this course before but for some reason the 2 bridges always kill me and the heat was also a factor. Looks easy doesn’t it? Well if you are familiar with the bridges in Florida that go over to the beaches you may understand how steep they are and they are quite challenging. The course is beautiful after you pass over the bridges.

Best Expo- Oh this is a no brainer. I did 3 Disney races this year and I will say they have the BEST expos with all kinds of goodies and great entertainment and runDisney has the BEST merchandise to go with your accomplishments. (I own the pink one I DID IT!)

Best Post-Race Food/Beverages- This would have to go to the Space Coast Half Marathon & Marathon. Not only did they have free breakfast for all race participants but FREE BEER! Sorry but it’s rewarding after running either the half or the marathon.

Best Swag- All the Disney races give you the best swag. Between the shirts and the race bibs. I guess since we pay a pretty penny for the races they better treat us to nice swag.

Most Unique Medal- The most unique medal would have to go to the Space Coast Half Marathon. This years medal was based  off the spaceship Challenger. Each star represents all the lives lost on the Challenger. Makes the medal even more unique.

Favorite Race Shirt- This would have to go to Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon. I absolutely love the shirts this year. They are long sleeved tech shirts. They went with a different company this year and I hope they stay with them. They turned out AWESOME!

Favorite Overall Race- I ran so many great races this year and it’s hard to choose. But I would have to say Walt Disney Marathon is my favorite overall race. I may sound repetitive. Maybe because this was my first marathon and it just means a lot to me. I enjoyed the course, the volunteers and people cheering you along. The experience was just AMAZING!

Best Course Support- Hands down again this goes to WDW Marathon. Not only did I run this marathon but I had tons of support along the route. I had my best friend waiting for me at Magic Kingdom. I bawled my eyes out when I finally saw her standing there. That gave me the extra push I needed seeing her waiting. All the support along the course is just crazy. So many people telling you “You’re almost there” when you still have 20 more miles is go just makes it better.

Race You Are Most Proud of Yourself for Completing- WDW Marathon. It was my first marathon. As much as I hated it after finishing and I swore to god I was never going to run another marathon ever again. Months later I decided I can’t let this marathon hold me back from EVER doing another. I did sign up for another marathon but had to back down to the half. I’m no where near ready but hoping another one is in my future.

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