Friday Featured Runner (series 19)


Today’s Friday Featured Runner is Michelle over at  OneMoreMile.

Michelle’s Running Journey

My running journey started running in 1993, when I joined my school’s Cross Country Team. Many years later when I became pregnant with my first child I continued to walked/ran during my first pregnancy but stopped running shortly after giving birth to my daughter. After my third child, I decided to get back into running but realized I had severe bladder incontinence issues after my three pregnancies. I could not run after my kids, jump, or walk. Even coughing or laughing was hard for me.  After having a bladder sling operation, I tried running again. That was three years ago. It took some time to get back into shape and before I started loving to run again. Just running down the street was hard and my body was so sore/stiff but  I am training for my 4th half marathon.

Running has taught me a lot of lessons and has helped me through some really hard and dark times. This picture to me represents how running can be life changing. This was my two oldest (my son ran ahead) first 5k that almost didn’t happen. That day in May (yes it hailed and snowed) was one of my worst days ever. Some really horrible things happened that brought me to my knees and left me breathless.  Still, I decided that I needed to be strong for my family. I was not going to let anything ruin my kids’ experience. I needed to be strong for them, so I sucked it up and we ran the race. They both ended up placing!

Running half-marathons has taught me that I have overcome, both mentally and physically. I have more energy to keep up with my family and have more zeal for life. I take my worries with me on the road, leave them there, and come back a better person.

-What made you decide to be a runner? Running has taught me that what happens in life doesn’t have to define me or knock me down. I am a fighter!

-What is the longest distance you’ve ran? To date the longest distance I have ran is 13.1 miles. 

-What is your favorite post run fuel? My favorite post run is an EAS protein drink blended with banana, spinach, and flax seed. 

-What would you tell an individual who has just started their journey into running? Start off slow. It will take some time. Don’t be discouraged. Running can be hard to do at first but if you keep at it, you get stronger day by day. If you have bad days, don’t be hard on yourself, you can start again the next day. Take one day at a time and pretty soon you will be amazed at how far you have come. Most important of all, you need to love the run! Once you love running, the distance will come later.

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