Tips for newbie runners


So you want to take up a new sport and you are thinking about running? Here are a some tips that every new runner should know before hitting the pavement.

–Finding the right sneaker is key. A good pair of running shoe goes a long way. Getting a gait analysis test by an expert is the best way to go. A lot of local running stores will have this type of testing in store. They will fit you with the right sneaker that fits your needs.

–Get the right gear. Running is a high impact sport. You want to be the most comfortable when it comes to not only running sneakers but the clothes you wear play a big factor. Finding something comfortable and will withstand your run. Always check the weather beforehand to dress accordingly.

–If this is your first time running. You may want to take it slow. Using a training program like the Couch to 5k is great way to start. There are many training plans out there that you can follow that best fits your ability.

–Always remember to do a warm-up and stretch before any kind of running to prevent injury and always cool down and stretch. Click here for some post run stretches.

–Feed your body. Eating a post run snack not only benefits your tummy, but it also replenishes your muscles to help build and repair themselves.

–Know running terms. Runners have their own type of terminology. I have a great post you can read all about it here Running terms every beginner should know.

–Try changing up your running up to prevent boredom. Do some interval training, which not only helps with endurance but also benefits fat loss.

–Set goals. All runners have goals to either run a 5k, a half and so forth. Set a few for yourself, Setting goals is  a great way to motivate yourself and you find yourself accountable.

–Some of us have a busy lifestyle and we can’t always get out the door and hit the pavement so we fall for the treadmill. If you want to change up your scenery try going for a run outside.

–Remember to stay safe when running, whether you are running in the dark, solo or with friends, Always wear some sort of reflective gear. Try and run on sidewalks if available. If not run in the opposite directions of traffic. Pay attention to your surroundings. Remember to tell your loved ones where your running route will be that day and also please invest in a Road ID. Not all of us who run carry some sort of ID. This not only has your info on there it also has your medical info too. 

–If you are looking for improvement. Try some interval training like sprint intervals, which will increase your speed and endurance. Tempo runs, will also increase your speed and endurance. Also try some hill work. Find a great incline. Running up hill will increase your endurance.

–If you are serious about running and on a training plan. Please stick with it. It helps you build endurance, speed and confidence.

I hope some these help those who are just started taking up running. We all start somewhere and have all been there. Good luck and happy running.

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