Doing normal cardio activities can become monotonous and boring after a while, so why don’t you include some new workouts in your routine with a help of concept2 rowers?

A rowing machine not only helps in the development of your upper body but helps in the enhancement of your lower body too, making it the best instrument to have a full body workout with remarkable ease.

So here are a few rowing workouts which you can incorporate into your routine as a substitute for cardio and strength exercises:

High-Level Intense Workout

If you are looking for some really strong workout due to a shortage of time, then this workout is perfect for you.

It will just take 30 minutes of your time and ensure that at the end you have improved strength and endurance.

You can easily lose 300 calories with the help of this exercise but make sure that you keep a check on your legs and ensure that your stroke rate is always between 26 and 32.

How to do: Do a warm up with simple rowing for around 10 minutes. Then for the first part, perform a 30-second sprint using your maximum strength, then take rest for the next 30 seconds.

Repeat this 5 times and then perform air squats for two minutes. In the next part, again sprint for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds and continue this pattern for 5 rounds.

Then instead of squats, perform 2 minutes of push up. Now, for the final part repeat the 30 seconds sprint and 30 seconds rest routine for 5 times and finish it with 2-minute air squats. Here’s an awesome HIIT workout.


Constant Distance Workout

This workout focuses on your stroke per minute keeping your distance constant at 1000 meters which ensure that you put in the same amount of power for each stroke for the 1000 meters you need to cover.

It can become tough to hold the same speed and power for a distance and so this is one of the best workouts to challenge yourself and your body.

How to do: Start with 5-10 minutes of warm up. Your workout is divided into 3 sets in which you have to cover 1000 meters each time.

Start your first set with 28 strokes per minute (spm) for the first 1000 meters, once you are done with that do an easy 4 minutes of rowing.

Then start your second set and maintain a spm of 24 through the entire set and again do 4 minutes of easy rowing after it. Finally, finish your workout by performing a set with 26 spm and then cool down with the simple rowing.

Up and Down Workout

Another workout which you can perform which will help you inconsistent rowing and help you burn 450 calories is the equal ratio rowing/rest workout.

In this workout, you make sure that you are maintaining your workout intensity in every interval and taking an equal amount of rest as your rowing period.

Be forewarned that it won’t be easy even though you will be taking an equal amount of rest, so be ready to burn a lot of calories in the 42 minutes of your workout.

How to do: As in all workouts, make sure you warm up for the first 10 minutes and then dive into the actual workout. Once you are done with the warm-up, row for 1 minute and then rest for another minute.

Once you are done with this, immediately start rowing for 2 minutes now and then continue with equal time of rest.

Increase your time after every round till you reach 4 minutes for both rowing and resting and then gradually come back down to 1 minute for rowing and resting.

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