Running is simple if you keep it simple and my aim at love for running is exactly that. Don’t get me wrong when I say simple running has its own complications and technical aspects you’ll need to get right in order to be good at it but in the end, it always comes down to your love and will for it. I know initially it’s really tough and you’ll hate it but these 5 ways will make it slightly simpler for you.

Look for inspiration

You’ll be up for a run early morning only if you’re highly motivated but irrespective of it let’s face it the first week is going to be tough. That’s because the muscles take time to adjust and only then does it feel comfortable and fun.

I got inspired when I participated in my first race at school. I lost, came last but now I had a reason to run daily. The aim is to keep the goals realistic mostly but doesn’t shy away from the dreamy ones either.

Take it easy

I know you’ve been told you need to be fast, run like the flash and being slow is simply not acceptable but guess what that’s not entirely true and it is this need for speed that ultimately makes some hate running.

So take a deep breath and calm down and plan your run better. The aim of the run isn’t to get you drained but energize you for the entire day. Increase speed as per your comfort.

Hit the trails

The best and most effective way to take your running up a notch, in my opinion, is to hit the trails. On these rough rocky terrains each step, each stride is different. More muscles are integrated into the run thus building strength and stamina.

Yes, it’s mean and dirty, the trails can be unforgiving especially for the newbies but that’s what it’s all about, enjoy it. To prep, well for the trails a 45-minute rowing machine interval workout daily is perfect for which I would only recommend a Concept 2 Model D Rower. Here are some trail training tips to get started.

Alternate between tough and easy routines

Irrespective of what you’ve been told recovery is an important part of even a runner’s routine. Recovering well is key to muscle building and getting faster. So whether you’ve been on the run for the hills or you’ve been interval training etc. give your muscles rest the next day but if you really must run then my advice would be to take it easy.

Stick on

Like I mentioned before, in the beginning, it’s rough and yes there will be days you’ll just want to lay back but it’s only going to get better by doing it more often. Experience counts, your muscles will adjust so stick to it and don’t give up just yet.

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