Running Through 2014


I can’t believe another year is almost over and a new one begins. 2014 has been one of those years where I can’t believe how much I have accomplished in 365 days. The first race of 2014 began with my first marathon and ended with a half marathon in November. I ran a total of 8 races this year and 2 virtual races through my local Mom’s Run This Town group. I have had so much support throughout the year from family and friends and I’m so thankful for every single one of them being there through the training and my craziness. So let’s recap 2014 shall we.


I started the new year out right when I ran my first full marathon on January 12th at Walt Disney World. It was the greatest experience of my life and if I could relive it I would.

miles: 34 (after I ran the marathon I hated running and took a break from it)


I ran the Mom’s Run This Town winter virtual race with a great group of Mom’s. I ran 4 miles with my best friend and she ran the entire 4 miles. I was so proud of her.

A week later I ran the Cinderella 5k at Disney and then the following day ran the inaugural Enchanted 10k at Disney. Double dose of Disney. I completed 9.3 miles during that weekend and created my own challenge. I ran the 5k with my best friend and her daughter and ran the 10k with another friend.

miles: 34


I ran Run or Dye with my 7 year old daughter. Her first 5k, she had such a great time, we walked and ran it. But after this being my 3rd color run. I will never do one again.

miles: 42


No races and I just focused on running and pace

miles: 33


No races and just focused on running and pace. My Mom did send me this awesome Alex and Ani bracelet for Mothers Day.

miles: 62


In June I took on the #June100miles. I saw this invite going around Facebook that I just had to join in on it. I busted my behind to do this. I ran almost everyday just to make it to 100 miles for the month. I did make it with a few days left of the month.

miles: 100


This month I ran a 5k race on 4th of July. I went into this 5k with a goal time. I wanted to PR my 5k from my last 5k PR which was 29 minutes. I couldn’t believe that when I crossed the finish line my time was going to be under 28 minutes. I knocked 2 and 1/2 minutes off my 5k. Completely shocked and that’s when I started focusing on time and pace again.

miles: 48


Again our local Mom’s Run This Town group did the summer virtual race this time the kids were invited in on a 1 mile run. I let me daughter do the 1 mile. We had a great time and after the race we went over to the splash pad for the end of summer vacation fun.

miles: 46


No races just more training for my upcoming half for October.

miles: 32


This was the month I was matched with my IRUN4 buddy. I was matched on October 8th after being on the waiting list since mid June. I couldn’t believe I was matched a few days before my scheduled half marathon. I ran the Beachside half marathon and it was a half PR for me. I ran this half with my heart and it was all for Nolan.

miles: 47


This month was a little hectic. I ran my first 15k race and PRed. You can read about it.

I flew up to New Hampshire for Thanksgiving week. I ran outside a couple of times while I was up there. I did not expect in a million years that I would be able to complete 3 miles in 25 minutes. NEVER! I couldn’t believe it. Look at that pace!!

On November 30th I ran Space Coast half marathon you can read my. I had another goal to finish this race around 2 hours and 10 minutes. I didn’t get my goal time but I did once again PR. I knocked another 8 minutes off finishing in 2:16.

miles: 52


No races this month. I continued to focus on pacing. I’m currently training for the Celebration Half marathon that is in a few weeks. I’m hoping for my 2:10 goal time or better.

miles: 50

Total miles in 2014: 610 

5k- 4 (PR 27:43)

10k- 1

15k- 1 (PR 1:29)

Half- 2 (PR 2:16)

Marathon- 1

I’m hoping for some great goals in 2015. I will be posting about it in a future upcoming post.

What are some of your goals you accomplished in 2014? I’d love to hear about them.

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