5 Things I never run without

Every runner has at least some type of running gear they never run without or before stepping foot out the door without before a run. I have about 5 things I will never LEAVE home without before a run.

1. I will never start my run without my Road ID. Not everyone runs with some sort of ID.  I was guilty of this a lot until I discovered Road ID. It has my full name, emergency contact phone numbers and any medication allergies I have on it. You never know what will happen on a run. If you don’t already please invest in one. It could save your life.


2. Some runners like keeping track of their miles on either their phone or watch. I prefer using a watch and I use the Nike+ GPS watch. It’s easy to use. I love the motivation it gives me and keeps track of my previous runs. I never go for a run without it.


3.  Compression sleeves are a runner’s best friend during runs and aiding recovery. Even if I’m running a few short miles or going for a long run, I almost always have compression sleeves or compression socks on.


4. I, unfortunately, suffer from chafing, thankfully only on my heels and ankles. I apply this stuff religiously before I GO on a run. I will even bring it along on runs for that “JUST IN CASE” moment.


5.  And finally last but not least. My phone, you never know when you may need it and it’s my sense of security. I also sometimes listen to music through my phone.


I’d love to hear if there are some things you can’t run without?

Worst Advice Runners are Tired of Hearing

We all have that one person we know that has given us that annoying advice about running either we’ve heard before or you’re just tired of hearing. I kindly asked the women in a Facebook group I am part of: Women’s Running Club Facebook Group and asked them what the worst advice they’ve gotten and here’s a list we came up with.



–Eating a mountain of pasta before that BIG race. I’ve heard such mixed emotions on if “carb loading” is really necessary a night before a race. I’ve done it and the next morning my stomach was heavy. So it’s your choice but doesn’t tell us we NEED to eat pasta.

–“You will ruin your knees”. We know running takes some serious impact on your knees. But hey it’s our knees let us deal with this problem.

–Family and friends asking if we are done with this running phase yet? No, we aren’t done yet, this isn’t a phase. Running is sport some of us enjoy. We will end it when we are ready. Don’t ask us if we are done.

–“Running is bad for your heart.” Actually, a recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology suggests running, even for a few minutes a day can reduce your risk of dying from heart disease whether you plod along or go at race speed. But always ask your doctor before doing any kind of exercise.

–“You won’t build muscle running”. Have you ever seen runners calve muscles or thighs, hamstrings and core? We can build muscle even while being a runner. Show off that muscle running gave ya.

–“Running is bad for you”. I hear this so much. Since when is running bad for you? But smoking is bad for you and drugs are bad for you. But running an actual sport that is good for you. Pshhh, keep on running my friends it isn’t “bad” for you as to smoking and drugs are.

–“You don’t have time for the train for distance running”. Who says you don’t have time do you live my life? A dedicated runner training for a race will make time for training. Don’t tell us we don’t have time. WE MAKE TIME!

–A person you are having a conversation with a NON-RUNNER that tells you they can run that distance. Runners prep and train months for a distance race, but sure be my guest and let’s see you NON-RUNNER run a marathon.

–“Oh, running is so easy”. If running was so easy everyone would be doing it. Running takes time for your body to endure the distance. If it’s so easy to be my guest and go for a run. Let us know how it goes for you.

–“Why don’t you walk, the benefits are the same”. Actually running burns more calories than walking. Granted walking is better for your body overall, pshhh but who wants to walk when they can RUN!

–“Oh you’re a runner why aren’t you skinny”. Not all runners are skinny like those elite marathoners. I’ve seen runners of all shapes and sizes. We applaud those runners who are overweight and still run.

–“You can’t keep running forever”. Have you read the story of the woman who is in her 90’s who ran a marathon and broke a marathon record or the lady in her 70’s who broke her clavicle during an Ironman race and still continued on to finish the race. Age shouldn’t matter and we can run FOREVER.

–“Running is sooooo boring”. If running was soooooo boring we wouldn’t be doing it. Switching up our runs, our playlists and scenery helps with the  “sooooo boring”.

–“Oh you’re pregnant, that is so bad for you and the baby”. Okay now I have never ran while pregnant, but I know people who have. Running is perfectly okay as long as you have your doctors permission to run. Also listen to your body. I’ve seen pregnant woman finish half marathons and marathons. I applaud them tremendously.

–“Stop running you’re wasting away”. Actually I’m not wasting away. I run so I can EAT. I may look smaller then before but I’m not like trash and wasting away.

–“You know running will make your boobs sag”. Okay ladies, I’ve noticed my puppies have gotten smaller since I started running and loosing weight. But honestly it’s nothing a nice push-up bra can’t fix.

–“You are too old to run”. I picked back up running again in my late 20’s. I’m happy to continue to be running in my 30’s. Like above “You can’t keep running forever” look at those woman in there 70’s and 90’s still running. Age ain’t nothing but a number.

–“Why pay for a race when you can run that distance for free?”. This one bothers me. I get it often even from my own husband. I don’t think they understand why we do races. I love running them and I love what you get at the end not just for the bling, but the accomplishment of finishing a race with other runners.

–“Why run a race you’re not going to win”. Everyone who finishes a race is a winner in my book and I’m sure you all feel the same way. We may not be the top 3 winners in our age group. But we ran that race and finished. That right there makes you a winner.

–“The human body wasn’t meant to run long distances. It is bad for your body”…..um so is eating crappy food and sitting on the couch but that doesn’t seem to be stopping people.

The list goes on and on. I guess the moral of this story is we’ve heard it before and we are tired of hearing it and we will continue to run with or without your advice.

I want to take a minute to thank the wonderful women in the Women’s Running Club Facebook group who took a few minutes to comment and to help this post come together. You ladies are what make this kind of blogs what they are. So thank you, ladies!



Have you ever been told the worst running advice from someone and what did they tell you?

Keep calm and run on.

The Good and The Bad


I guess I will start out with the bad and get it over with. I had to sadly downgrade my future marathon registration for February 1, 2015 to the half marathon instead. I fought with myself over this decision for a few months not because I can’t do it. I was dreading the bridges and looping them twice and the training by myself just scared me. Last weekend I drove the course and it was my wake up call, I continued to fight with my head over it all this week and finally made the decision to not continue on with marathon training and just work on getting a faster half marathon time. I have made a decision that I will run another marathon in the near future but it wont be until next November 2015. I plan to run the Space Coast Marathon. I’m still beating myself over this choice and I know I shouldn’t. I know when I’m ready and unfortunetly this wasn’t the time. But hey now that the “bad” is out of the way let’s continue on with the good.



So last week I got exciting news. I was officially matched with the most handsomest buddy. Now you are probably asking “matched with a buddy” what is that? www.whoirun4.com is a organization that matches runners with buddies who have special needs and can’t run like some of us who take that for granted everyday. I signed up to be matched in June 2014, and on October 8th I was matched with this sweet 5 year old boy named Nolan. It brought happy tears to my eyes to be able to run for this little boy. Nolan has a rare genetic disorder called Cri Du Chat Syndrome. Wondering what Cri Du Chat is? I had to do my research because I wanted to know exactly what Nolan has. Cri Du Chat also known as chromosome 5p- depletion syndrome. It occurs in approximately 1:35,000 live births.  Cri du Chat Syndrome is considered the most frequent deletion syndrome in humans. You can read more about Cri Du Chat Syndrome here: www.criduchat.org .  I hope to inspire this little man and get to someday meet him. Do you want to run for someone like Nolan? You can sign up to be matched at www.whoirun4.com.