10 Tips on how NOT to run a marathon


10 Tips on how NOT to run a marathon

I just started training for my 2nd marathon and I sometimes wish I came across some marathon tips like this when I ran my first marathon. I was overloaded with gear I really didn’t need or use. Here is a list of things NOT to do when you run a marathon.

-Not drinking enough fluids during the race. Running 26.2 miles is pretty grueling. You should be drinking at least 3.0 to 4.0 liters of water during the marathon. Take advantage of those water stops. 

-Eating the wrong foods before the race.  Kick the habit and don’t jump in the car and hit up McDonald’s also don’t try anything new. While running your stomach takes an impact. Try and stick with similar foods you’ve been eating throughout your training. Your stomach will thank you.

-Wearing something new on race day. Don’t go out buy a really cute outfit for the marathon. Especially a new pair of sneakers. 

– Don’t start training a few weeks before your scheduled marathon debut. Training is very crucial. Take your time and try and start training months in advance. Practice is key.

-Not adding anti chaffing products on those delicate areas. Let’s be real here some of us chafe some of us are lucky and don’t chafe at all. If you do chafe, body glide will be your best friend. I apply it to my ankles. 

-Wearing cotton. I fell for this during my first marathon..I wore a cotton t shirt and I chafed and the sweaty shirt feeling BLECK!!! 

-Starting the race off like buzz light year. Start off at your normal pace. If your set off to run the race fast and trained for it that way then be my guest. But if you trained at an average pace stick with that pace. There is plenty of time at the end if you have the energy to gun hoe to the finish.

-Not being dedicated to your training. Like a relationship you must stay dedicated. Trust your training. It is so important and  a major role played in running a marathon. 

-Running in the wrong sneakers. Some statistics say to change your  shoes out every 300-400 miles. Don’t buy a brand spanking new pair of shoes on race day to go with your new race day “outfit”. Shoes are super super important and play a big role in helping you run that marathon.You want to be comfortable. Buying a brand new pair before race day can cause injury, blisters and are not broken in properly. DON’T DO IT!!

-Forgetting to eat after the BIG finish. Running a marathon burns a considerable amount of calories and your body looses a lot nutrients you must replenish them after a race. EAT THAT BIG MEAL at McDonald’s now if you like. (Although I don’t recommend it). Don’t fall into any of these mistakes some of us make  on race day. Running a marathon is a serious challenging distance. Do the right things to ensure you are comfortable, injury free and remember to enjoy the rewarding experience. 

What are some mistakes you’ve made preparing for a marathon or any race distance? I’d like to hear about them. 

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