Friday Featured Runner (series 12)

Today’s Friday Featured Runner is Lianne over at Sunshine Runner.
Lianne’s Running Journey


I started running when I was in college. My mother has always been a long distance runner and half marathoner and we started out together. Since I was 20 we have run over 10 half marathons together. She got me into running and it has gone from there! My biggest accomplishments have been my first marathon (26.2 with Donna) in February 2012 and my most recent marathon (Big Sur 2014) at 15 weeks pregnant. After our baby girl arrives, I really want to do more marathons and a 2015 ultra. TBD!
Q & A
-What made you decide to be a runner? I decided to get into running to get into shape during college and lose a few pounds. After the first few races, the weight was just an added bonus – I was hooked!

-What is the longest distance you’ve ran? The longest distance to date is my marathons. Hopefully that will all change in the next year. 50Ks and 50 milers are goals for the future!
-What song is currently being played on your playlist when you run? I only listen to music occasionally when I run, but lately I have been in an early 90’s rock kick – Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam
-What would you tell an individual who has just started their journey into running? I would tell someone who is just starting out to be patient above all. We ALL struggle in the beginning. My mom once told me you will have 10 terrible runs for that one great run, but it is the great runs that keep you coming back for more, and they will get more frequent! Start slow and never, ever give up!
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Day 1: To a stronger me

I’ve made a pledge recently that I want to be at my strongest and healthiest come time for running my 2nd marathon on February 1, 2015. It’s going to be the toughest battle. Time to cut out a lot of serious bad habits and pick up some good healthy habits. This journey starts today. I have 194 days until my big marathon sequel and I hope I can run that beast with all I have.
I did a 4 mile run on the treadmill with a 9’56” pace. As much as I wanted to run outside, it’s been storming on an off here in Florida and it’s been extremely hot. I enjoyed having fans blowing on me as I ran indoors. I also did a strength training session.
-bent over two dumbbell row 3×12 20lbs
-straight arm dumbbell pullover on stability ball 3×12 10lbs
-seated dumbbell  bicep curl 3×12 10lbs each
-preacher curl with stability ball 3×12 10lbs each
-crunches on stability ball 3×12
-one minute plank
I think my biggest struggle for this whole change is my diet. I know I can workout until I turn blue. But without having a healthy habitable diet in my daily routine, it may as well be a waste of time. I know eating cleaner is healthier is a struggle. But I’ve been down this road before and I loved the results. Here’s to never letting myself get back in the unhealthy eating habits.

Friday Featured Runner (series 11)

This Fridays Featured Runner is Lisa over at The Running Fire Wife.
Lisa’s Running Journey


I started my running journey in 2010 thanks to my amazing best friend, Erin. We signed up for WDW Royal Family 5k. At the time I didn’t think it was a big deal… whatever I will walk most of it. After my first 5k I did a few more than in 2012 I became pregnant and running was the last thing on my mind, even after baby. I had no desire to run.
In Jan. 2014 Erin was running the WDW marathon. I came up to be there for support. I made a sign and stood in the cold at Magic Kingdom waiting. It seemed like forever, but the minute the first runners came by I teared up. It was an amazing sight to see, to witness. I can’t explain it. You have to be there to feel the rush of emotion for those runners. Truly amazing feeling! After what seemed like forever ( I was so worried I was going to miss her run by), There she was!! I immediately broke out into happy tears! (to this day I tear up thinking, and even writing about it)!  Happy tears! I was so excited to see her! We took a few pictures and then she had to be on her way. It was then that I decided I was going to run again. I left M.K. and went back to where I was staying, ate and got everyone dressed to go to the finish line. As she crossed that line I cried again (with sunglasses on this time)! She did it!  Erin is 100% the reason for my motivation in taking back up running. She inspires me all the time. After that weekend, I went out got new running shoes and my journey to running again began. My biggest outcome to date is running my first 10K and coming in 4th place!
-What made you decide to be a runner? I’ve never really thought of myself as a runner until this year. The beginning of this year was my eye opener and I’m now happy to say I AM A RUNNER!  ( Again, it was Erin who inspired me to run. Now it’s for 100 reasons).
-What is the longest distance you’ve ran? To date is 7 miles. I am currently training for my first half marathon.
-What is your favorite post run fuel? chocolate milk! Nothing is better than downing chocolate milk after a run!! If you haven’t tried it… you must!!
-What song is currently being played on your playlist when you run? Running and music are my two most favorite things (aside from my family). Those that know me, know I LOVE concerts & running. So I will give my top songs in my playlist… because I cannot choose just one!
1. Lost in Stereo -All Time Low
2. Underdog- You Me At Six
3. Can’t Hold Us – Mackelmore
4. Timebomb- All Time Low
5. The Other Side – Jason Derulo
-What would you tell an individual who has just started their journey into running? It’s not going to be easy, at all. And results will take some time. But when you finish your first race, it will all be worth it!! I promise you nothing is better than running across that finish line!

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Friday Featured Runner (series 10)

This Friday’s Featured Runner is Rachel over at Running on Happy
Rachel’s Running Journey

Rachel Livestrong Shoot-368

 My story is a little lengthy, so to keep it brief, I will just say this: I started running to lose pregnancy weight after I had my first baby. The road to get there was chaotic, but I started interval training and somewhere along the way developed my love for running. I’ve been running for the last four years, through pregnancy with baby #2, and I’m never looking back.
Q & A
What is your favorite go to fuel during long runs? Sport Beans
-What race is on your bucket list? Boston Marathon
-What running shoe brand do you prefer? Mizuno
-Your favorite race medal? Medal from the Cleveland Half Marathon 2014
-What is your best advice you’d give to a new beginner just starting their running journey? Stick with it. It will pay off in the end.
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Ran a 4th of July 5k with a bangin’ PR

For the last few years I’ve always ran the 4th of July 5k race in town. I was excited to run another race this year. My last race was the Enchanted 10k during Princess Half Marathon weekend which was in February and I was dying to run another race. It’s only my 4th race for the year sadly.
The night before, I got my outfit out and ready. I love dressing up for a race. Especially for the 4th of July. I wore my Moms Run This Town tank and a handmade red sparkle skirt. Here is my flat momma.
I woke up super nervous because I had intentions of smashing my personal best time for this 5k. I had my husband and daughter out there supporting me. I love having them there watching me do something I love.
Waiting at the starting line, I just said to hell with it. I’m not going to bother PRing this race. I was just not feeling it. The gun went off and I set off slow. Actually slow is an understatement. I set my watch to give me my average pace which was reading around 8’19”, say whaaaat? Yeah mile one was a 8’19”. I couldn’t believe it. I usually run a high 9 mid 10 for pace. I thought haha this watch is not right. Mile 2 came along 8’30″? I started laughing again. This watch is surely not right.
I was coming toward the finish line. I started getting nauseous and thought I was going to blow chunks. But I yelled at myself to suck it up buttercup, if this watch is right your going to finish this race with a new PR. When I could finally read the clock in the distance, I did a “oh shit you’re not going to PR” which I had given up remember? I must need glasses because as I got closer it said 26:30 on the clock. I ran as fast as I could. I just missed finishing the race under 26 minutes. I grabbed a bottle of water from a nice lady who was handing them out and went to the sidelines to blow chunks and cry. I never did throw up. I was over powered by runners high emotions. I couldn’t believe I finished a 5k in 27 minutes. My overall pace was a 8’55”.



This years PR same race


I came in 10th place in my age division out of 32 females. I think that’s pretty stinkin’ good. I can’t believe the difference in just 1 year. I’m still on a runners high. My husband couldn’t have been more proudly braggin’ for me.


I hope everyone had a great FORTH OF JULY! I know I did.

Friday Featured Runner (series 9)

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY. Today’s Friday featured runner is Bree over at Will Run for a Medal.
Bree’s Running Journey

mom-disney 2

My name is Brianne but I mostly go by “Bree.” I started my running journey when I was living in DC. It seemed like everyone ran there, so I tried it and realized that running was a great way to get exercise, lose weight, and see the city. I lived on Capitol Hill and I loved my morning runs by the Capitol, Supreme Court, and on the National Mall and that early in the morning, the only people out were runners.  It was like we had the city to ourselves before the hustle and bustle of the day began.  I LOVED it.

In the spring of 2009 I ran my first race, the George Washington Parkway 10 Miler. At the finish line, I decided that if I could successfully complete a 10 mile race, in theory I could complete a half marathon. In October 2009, I ran the Baltimore Half Marathon. At the finish line in Baltimore, I decided to train for a January marathon at Walt Disney World and in 2010, I ran my first marathon.  Running through all of the parks was amazing and the medal at the end was top-notch.  Then on the bus back to the resort after the race, I was surrounded by runners who had just completed the Goofy Challenge.  My eyes lit up as I listened to their race recaps and I knew I wanted to be Goofy too.  At that point, doctors would have likely diagnosed my condition as race or medal addiction!

Flash forward a few years and I now live in St. Louis, MO and have run three Disney marathons (one through the Goofy Challenge and one through the new Dopey Challenge) and 32 half marathons.  I was wait-listed in 2011 for the Disneyland Half Marathon, which is needed to complete the Coast to Coast Challenge, but I FINALLY got in this year, so my 33rd half marathon will be at Disneyland over Labor Day Weekend.
Q & A
-What is your favorite go to fuel during long runs?
I drink a glass of apple juice before every run.  Before long runs, I generally eat a granola or protein bar like Luna or Cliff bars.  I am in the process of finding a replacement for Gu since it is far too sweet for me after having given up sweets for Lent.
-What race is on your bucket list? 
Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington, DC.  I didn’t make it in this year :(
-What running shoe brand do you prefer?
Brooks Adrenaline.  I was fitted with this make/model in 2009 and have never looked back.  They are slowly getting more colorful too!
-Your favorite race medal? 
Disney medals are my favorite medals.  I just can’t explain that post-race feeling as you are walking around Disney property wearing your medal and everyone is congratulating you.  It makes you feel like an Olympian!
-What is your best advice you’d give to a new beginner just starting their running journey?
Take it slow.  I hated running at first because I was starting off too fast and my body couldn’t handle it.  You should be able to hold a conversation while you run and if you can’t, slow down.  Also, at races I generally come across runners who pace themselves by using intervals of walking and running.  They will often finish before the runners who go all out at the beginning, only to run out of steam at the end of the race.  Do what works for YOU and if I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!
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July Goals

It’s crazy to see another month has come and gone. June was pretty busy for me with running and had a nice relaxing 3 day vacation to Orlando felt like a great way to end the month. My June goals didn’t go as planned. Seems to happen every month.
Complete the #June100mile challenge-  I actually completed this on June 26. With still some time left in the month to spare. It took a lot of dedication, hot sweaty long runs but I did it! 
Eat cleaner- I pretty much ate pretty well until I went on vacation and my diet just went bye bye. Going away for me is hard to stay committed to a certain eating routine. 
Try the 21 day sugar detox- This is a BIG FAT failure. I still snuck on those addicting twizzlers. :/ 
Cross train in between days off from running- I did okay with this, but not what I hoped. 
Be outdoors more- I think this went pretty well. My daughter and I went to the beach, went for walks. Read books on the back porch. 
Hit the gym more- I actually went more than 3 times this month.  Still not enough and I planned on but I got there.  
Take my vitamins- This goal lasted of all of 4 days and I started to forget.  I used to take them religiously. Time to get back on the vitamin wagon. 
Read food labels more carefully- I did pretty well with this one. Tried to stay clear of high fructose corn syrup and other crazy ingredients. 
June’s goals went a little better than May’s goals. I sure hope I can do a lot better with July’s goals.
– Run at least 70 miles for the month
-Stretch more before/after runs (I slack at this so bad)
-Go the entire month without sugar
-Try more HIIT workouts
-Continue to watch my diet, make healthier choices.
-Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins
-Blog more often
Okay so here it is, another month lets make these goals happen.