Inspiring others was never something I set out for, but learning that I do inspire, that’s something I’ll carry with me on every run. After I ran my marathon this past January I changed lives and for the better. My best friend The Running Fire Wife tells me every day that since my marathon that I have inspired her to run more. She signed up for her first half marathon at Disney in November. She will be running Wine & Dine with her fireman who also says I opened his eyes completely to running. This man would say “anything over 3 miles is crazy”. Another friend tells me he just bought a new pair of running shoes and is going to start running. He’s been following all my running posts on facebook and wants to now take up running. It’s amazing how 1 race changed lives for the better. I never thought I would ever feel so happy for them. I can’t even express how it makes me feel to know I opened up their lives to a healthy lifestyle.

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