Yay the weekend is approaching.  Lots going on hubby’s birthday is Saturday and Mother’s day is Sunday.
This week has moved pretty quickly. Monday was Cinco De Mayo. I ran a good 7.20 miles and I PR’ed my 10k time. You can read about it here.
Tuesday I recieved my nike plus heart rate monitor to go with my gps watch I was so anxious to try it out. I hit the gym and I rekindled my relationship with the elliptical. 45 minutes at level 5. Loved that I was able to accurately record my heart rate.
Wednesday I worked a 12 hour shift and still managed a 4 miler in after work. This was my first run with my heart rate monitor. To see where my rate average was pretty cool.
Today is rest day. I need it. I worked my butt off the last few days and I’m ready to rest my body. Tomorrow I’m excited for my new feature on this blog. Every Friday I will be starting a series called “Friday Featured Runner”. Look for this feature tomorrow.

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