Runningluv Review


I was very lucky to be able to try out this product. After I contacted the company they were willing to let me try out their product in return for my review. 

What is runningluv

The band of the gluv is a quick drying, lightweight, moisture wicking, Lycra™/Spandex and Nylon blend. Lycra™ stretches up to several times its original shape, therefore allowing the fit for most hand sizes. It easily molds back to retain its original shape. The highly absorbent towel-and-tissue is a Bamboo/Organic Cotton terry blend. It is breathable and hypoallergenic. One side features small, short loops with a soft texture, and thirsty absorbency. Perfect for the sweatmode™. The opposite side is flat, absorbent and gentle to the skin. Great forsnotmode™.

As most runners I tend to sweat a lot while running who doesn’t? Living in Florida and running outdoors can be pretty sweaty and who doesn’t wish they had a handy towel to carry around while on a run that’s not so bulky and carrying tissues can be messy and get clumpy and just plain gross.

 There are some different ways to wear runningluv as stated on their website .
You can wear it on your wrist, your palm, around your hand.
I started out with it around the hand method for the first mile. I will say I truly did not like the way it felt around my hand. It collected a lot of sweat from just being around my hand. I eventually moved it to my wrist and loved it there. It was easier to access. It stayed in place well while I ran and when I needed to use it to wipe the sweat off my face it easily unfolded and collected a lot of sweat off my face. It also easily folded back up but trying to do it while running was a little tricky. I’m sure after a few more runs with it, it will become less tricky.
runningluv recommends hand washing with a little bit of laundry soap and cold water or in the wash on gentle cycle. After my run it surely needed a washing. I went with the hand washing method.  I put a little bit of laundry soap on it and let it soak in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes and then I hand washed it and hung it to dry and it looks like new and ready for my next run.
I was very happy with this product. I would recommend this product to anyone who has serious sweat issues or any kind of drippy droppy things while running.
runningluvs website:
DISCLAIMER: runningluv sent me the product for free to review. I was not paid in anyway. All opinions are  my own