So far my running week is so uneventful. I have weeks like this sometimes where I just don’t want to or I’m too tired. I just want to get back into my routine. I get angry when I’m not.
I will start off by saying don’t ever hold off a run. Go do it. I debated all day with myself  about going for a run. I finally got dressed in my running gear waiting for hubby to get home from work and I get that text. “Working late don’t worry about waiting for me to eat dinner” ugh REALLY?? After all day of fighting with myself I should have gone earlier that day before I picked up my daughter from school. Next time my mind will win that fight.  Just do it!
Work, it always gets in the way. I work 12 hour shifts 7a-7p. So by the time I get out of work I have at least an hour or so of daylight left to run outside.  Around 6pm I looked out the window.  Oh hell no is it going to rain?? Dark cloudy skies it looked it was going to downpour.
Again looks like no run for this chick. Ugh. I still changed into my running gear praying to the running gods that I really need a mental mind clearing run. They listened because I was able to run 3.5 miles. Hallelujah FINALLY!  Just the run I needed.
(Happy Dance)

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