Since yesterday I couldn’t run for Boston like I intended too. So this morning I decided after I dropped my daughter off that I was going to go for a run. The weather here in South Florida was “perfect”, it was cloudy the temps were great but it was super windy (16mph winds). I decided in the car on the way I was going to take it easy today and just run 3 miles. As soon as I started running I RAN! I ran HARD! I felt like the wind picked me up and just pushed me along. When I saw on my watch that it said 2 miles time 17:47. Say whaaaa???? I can’t believe I ran 2 miles under 18 minutes this isn’t possible. Complete motivation mode kicked in. I ran even harder. I was determined to finish 3 miles just shy of 26 minutes.. I finished 3 miles in 27 minutes and 7 seconds. HOLY RUN!! I took 6 days off from running. I thought I completely lost my running/working out mojo. Looks like I found it during this run. I busted my behind and GOT IT DONE!!!

My Splits


I was so shocked at my time. I’m a serious bragger when it comes to things like this. Sometimes I hate that about myself. But I’m so proud of myself, my fastest run to date.
This is how I felt after I running. I punched the 16mph winds in the face and did a little dance after. Lol

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