Run or Dye Recap

This morning we did Run or Dye. This was my 7 year old daughters first 5k, so for her it was a BIG deal. She was super nervous and I was nervous for her. We were in wave 4. When they told us to go she started out running which I was not expecting she wanted to walk this. She ran for about 5 minutes and gave up to walk and wanted to know if we were almost done. No honey we haven’t even hit mile 1 yet. Poor kid.
This is my 3rd color run with a different company and I will say it was the worst yet. The parking was terrible the traffic was insane. That isn’t the part that bothers me to much. It’s seems like the color stations weren’t long enough they seemed very short and there wasn’t enough volunteers throwing the cornstarch at you. I saw a lot people who were doing run or dye actually pick up the cornstarch themselves and throw it at themselves. I came out of 2 color stations not even touched and I ran along the volunteers throwing the stuff. But honestly my daughter was having such a great time I just didn’t want to rant about it. This day was for my daughter.
By the time we got done she was exhausted, but she was sooo excited to finish her 1st 5k. A proud Mom. As this was a fun run not timed, we did a lot of running and walking as much she could. I let her lead the way if she wanted to run we ran, if she wanted to walk we walked. At one point she jumped on my back for a piggyback her feet were hurting her. The Florida sun was as always brutal and hot. This will be my last color run. I’m color runned out. I’d like to try a zombie run or maybe the blacklight runs. Just hand me a half marathon :) my favorite.