Boston Marathon 1 Year Later


1 year ago today a hole was ripped in our hearts as we watched a scene of mayhem take forth in front of our eyes. When I first heard about the bombings I was on facebook. I was at work and saw people posting about bombs going off at the finish line during the marathon. Of course it hit home for me being from Boston and a dream of mine to someday run  the Boston marathon I was in tears.  Not knowing exactly what was going on.

I stayed glued as much as I could to CNN. When I heard not only 1 not 2 but 3 deaths in the bombings I lost it. Thinking of those victims and their families and all the people seriously hurt.  Innocent bystanders just watching a marathon. How could someone do this? Who would do this? Terrorists? I thought all kinds of things. I just couldn’t wrap my head around what was going on. Were there more bombs? After I got home I was watching the news and found out the ones who died in the bombings and again lost it. Richard Martin sweet little 8 year old boy waiting for his father to run by so he could give him a big hug before he finished the marathon.  Krystle Campbell, 29 was waiting for her best friends boyfriend to cross the finish line.  Lu Ling, 23 year old Chinese student studying here in the US was with friends and roommates watching the race.
3 lives lost and so many other victims seriously injured lost limbs severe blood loss. I just couldn’t imagine what these families were going through. Then they had possible leads to who had done this horrific thing. I don’t even want to speak of those 2 horrible human beings. It’s not what I’m writing this for. It for the lives lost and victims and the hero’s of 4/15/13.
That following morning Sean Collier lost his life in the line of duty. He went after the bombers and tragically lost his life. Not only did we loose 3 lives we’ve added another. We all became “Boston Strong” whether you’re from Boston or not we all became one on this day. After this tragic day I had sights out for running a marathon. I just felt like I needed to run. I found a marathon to run and I ran for Martin, Lu, Krystle and Sean and the many victims badly injured and all the 1st responders.  I ran with pride and a huge heart.
Please today take a moment and remember those lives we lost and let’s think of the ones who made it through lots of hospitalizations, surgeries and therapy and to thank all the first responders for all you do and did on this horrific day.
                                                        WE ARE BOSTON STRONG